Creativity and Brainstorming in ELT

This page is intended as a resource for teachers who want to develop creativity in an ESL or EFL classroom. The following articles describe a myriad of alternatives to boost creativity in the second language or foreign language classroom (and the staffroom as well). While not everything here directly relates to second language or foreign language learning, readers interested in exploring the topic of creativity will find much of interest. If you know of other resources worthy of inclusion, please contact me at: hallhouston [at} yahoo {dot] com (Last updated: October 2014)


In Praise of Creativity by Chaz Pugliese (Part One)

In Praise of Creativity by Chaz Pugliese (Part Two)

Creativity in the language classroom by Judit Fehér

Features of creativity by Judit Fehér

The essence of creativity by Judit Fehér

Creativity environment by Judit Fehér

The art of being creative by Marisa Constantinides

The creative spark in ELT by Alan Maley

The creative teacher by Bonnie Tsai

Teaching and lesson planning creativity by Alex Case

A Creative Approach to Lesson Planning by Hall Houston


Brainstorming Before Speaking Tasks by Brian Cullen

Brainstorming - Part One by Hall Houston

Brainstorming - Part Two by Hall Houston

Brainstorming - Part Three by Hall Houston

Brainstorming - Part Four by Hall Houston

Brainstorming by Hall Houston

Enhancing English Learning Through Brainstorming by Hall Houston

A Brainstorming Activity for ESL/EFL Students by Hall Houston

Six Creativity Activities by Hall Houston


The Step by Step Guide to Brainstorming - JPB.COM

Brainstorming - Wikipedia

Seven Secrets to Good Brainstorming by Linda Tischler

The Brainstorming Process is B.S. But Can We Rework It? by Suzanne LaBarre

Nine of the Best Ways to Boost Creative Thinking by George Ciotti

How to Unleash Your Creativity by Mariette DiChristina

How to Be Creative by Jonah Lehrer

25 Brainstorming Techniques by Celestine Chua

Creativity Techniques -

Tools for Creating Ideas - Creating

Brainstorming Reloaded - PsyBlog


Tim Brown on creativity and play

Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

Amy Tan on creativity

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